توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : آموزش عکاسی فشن لینک مستقیم

2011-11-19, 16:23
بhttp://up.vatandownload.com/images/dqhjbg1y6ufeqdvb7wi4_thumb.jpg (http://up.vatandownload.com/viewer.php?file=dqhjbg1y6ufeqdvb7wi4.jpg)

با سلام یه آموزش عکاسی فشن که فروش خوبی خواهد داشت اگه داشته باشید

آموزش های عکاسی که الان تو فروشگاه ها است زیاد حرفه ای نیست و چیزهای جالبی نداره

creativeLIVE - Beauty and Fashion Photography with Mathew Jordan Smith
English | format: FLV | h264 960x540, 29.97 fps | aac, 44100 Hz, stereo | 5.19 GB
Genre: Video Training

creativeLIVE Presents - Beauty + Fashion Photography with Mathew Jordan Smith
http://www.creativelive.com/courses/...w-jordan-smith (http://www.creativelive.com/courses/beauty-fashion-photography-matthew-jordan-smith)

Join Matthew Jordan Smith for a LIVE ONLINE workshop as he delves into three days dedicated to fashion and beauty photography.

Matthew starts off with an in-depth discussion on the differences in fashion and beauty as he teaches us how to prepare for a series of live photoshoots on the following days with a focus on capturing beautiful photography and telling a story with your images.
======About Mathew Jordan Smith======
Matthew Jordan Smith is a world-renowned professional photographer specializing in celebrity, beauty and portraiture. His iconic approach is simple: Take the time to personally connect with every subject, make them feel brilliant and beautiful, and the photos infinitely sparkle. It's why his loyal clients of 20+ years keep asking for the Matthew Jordan Smith Experience. It's magic captured in every assignment. Matthew's A-list celebrity clientele light up the red carpet and his camera: Oprah, Vanessa Williams, Jennifer Connelly, Halle Berry, Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, Jamie Foxx and other stars shine brighter with MJS. Make-up leaders Pantene, L'Oreal, Revlon, and Olay regularly call on Matthew to showcase their latest products and models. In addition to his exceptional eye behind the lens, Matthew's outgoing persona and expert insight make him a highly sought after interview for national magazines and television. In Style, Zoom, The Tyra Banks Show, America's Next Top Model and E! Entertainment TV has all talked with MJS.

======DAY ONE November 11, 2011======
9:00 am - Intro to Beauty and Fashion
9:45 am - Point of View
Bonus: creativeLIVE Magazine Concept
10:30 am - Beauty and Fashion Q&A
Bonus: Fashion Style (11/11/11 11:11)
11:15 am - Inspiration at Work
11:45 am - Creativity Tips
1:00 pm - Storyboards
2:00 pm - Cast and Crew
2:15 pm - Cast and Crew Q&A
3:00 pm - Lighting Setup
3:30 pm - Pre-Production
Bonus: Homework Challenge

======DAY TWO November 12, 2011======
9:00 am - Setting Up Lighting
10:00 am - Shooting with a Beauty Dish
10:30 am - Adding Modifiers
10:45 am - Wardrobe & Makeup
11:00 am - First Beauty Look
11:30am - First Beauty Look Q&A
1:00 pm - Prep for Second Beauty Look
2:00 pm - Second Beauty Look
Special Guest: Chase Jarvis
3:30 pm - Third Beauty Look
4:00 pm - Wrap Up and Q&A
BONUS: Coming up in Day 3

=====DAY THREE November 13, 2011=====
9:00 am - Setting Up Fashion Lighting
10:00 am - Making Adjustments - Audience Q&A
10:15 am - First Fashion Look
11:30 am - Audience Q&A
11:45 am - Third Fashion Look
12:00pm - Fourth Fashion Look
1:00 pm - Audience Q&A
1:30 pm - Student Shoot (Tyler)
1:40 pm - Student Shoot (Ben)
1:50 pm - Student Shoot (Kristi)
2:00 pm - Student Shoot (Carlos)
2:30 pm - Audience Q&A
Thanks & Credits
3:00 pm - Final Q&A
3:30 pm - Final Shot of the Weekend
3:45 pm - Everything has a Beginning and an Ending

تا یک ماه هم لینکشو مستقیم کردم

http://ps16r0.parsaspace.com/files/2550124884/v331636D7067396F33436B4A7073695A566C6F6262444B3944 39755554715466423448585A7658384741467363336E56592B 734B6256773D3D/?c=1028

http://ps16r0.parsaspace.com/files/6050124884/v331636D7067396F33436B496957676544616553576358764D 44674259456A564D426578444C4938527448443466774B6B53 4B38526B413D3D/?c=1028

http://ps16r0.parsaspace.com/files/3550124884/v331636D7067396F33436B49496E70746169477A414C74306C 6B3977356F444E7235492F796B4A6D3072754F726162424D56 5A50336A673D3D/?c=1028

http://ps16r0.parsaspace.com/files/4550124884/v331636D7067396F33436B495A3158487A715A6B6F7A303539 6C4A336E63723479344678314945355348554B522F70324437 6E70616E413D3D/?c=1028

http://ps16r0.parsaspace.com/files/2250124884/v331636D7067396F33436B4A31642F676E6671335153473153 3255672B7243644E694D67785135746D494763484579305946 58434B49413D3D/?c=1028

http://ps16r0.parsaspace.com/files/5250124884/v331636D7067396F33436B4C5A71676F76434F2F7958346859 557A65556545344F366A70712B2B364E7654334B6D75767568 647A6F68673D3D/?c=1028

http://ps16r1.parsaspace.com/files/1250124884/v331636D7067396F33436B497873656C65795063574F6C596B 746733646E476B656D724A534D754B596E5144394A35614343 6D55464F773D3D/?c=1028

http://ps16r1.parsaspace.com/files/3250124884/v331636D7067396F33436B4969584D42325471637A474F4A37 5855384673644556464355716F44656462556C43684D703564 4D533845773D3D/?c=1028

http://ps16r1.parsaspace.com/files/4250124884/v331636D7067396F33436B4A37482F786647474F6779744541 417873795163497A37697673796538417635775A7849674461 41457866673D3D/?c=1028

http://ps16r1.parsaspace.com/files/9250124884/v331636D7067396F33436B4A46553158366D38795347666475 6D624563505932336961774D49454C76492B556F785259532F 59794345773D3D/?c=1028

http://ps16r2.parsaspace.com/files/5550124884/v331636D7067396F33436B4B7042425878576F5A6B514B6D6F 617536686A506A413238566A344C45342B57362F4E36695A53 42333452773D3D/?c=1028

کلا در یازده پارت است

2011-11-20, 03:09
اول تشکر دوم اینکه یه لطفی میکنی پارت های بعدی رو هم لینکشون رو بذاری؟ من همه رو گرفتم ولی این تا پارت 10 هستش و باقیش نیست

2011-11-20, 13:15
اول تشکر دوم اینکه یه لطفی میکنی پارت های بعدی رو هم لینکشون رو بذاری؟ من همه رو گرفتم ولی این تا پارت 10 هستش و باقیش نیست

لینک اخر که از یاد رفته بود گذاشتم تو پست خودش الان کامل کامل است در 11 پارت


2011-11-20, 13:17
قربون دستت